About Waitara Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church

Located in Sydney, Australia, the Waitara Seventh-day Adventist Church was established around 1903 and today we have over 400 members.

The dual focus on spiritual growth and fellowship is a distinctive trait of Waitara and you are assured of a warm welcome, whoever you are and from wherever you come.

At Waitara, we delight in growing closer to God through worship, Bible study, prayer and sharing our faith. We participate in a variety of activities to strengthen our faith, heighten our knowledge of Scripture and share the love of Jesus with the community.

You are invited to join our regular visitors’ lunch at 1 pm on most Saturdays.

Check the Lunch Today notice in the weekly Bulletin under the Members tab.

You will fully enjoy our ALIVE Program – a program brought to you by the Youth of the Waitara Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Held the first and third Sabbath of each month, this program caters for all.  This program which is spiritually rewarding also grooms our leaders for tomorrow.

Our Pathfinders and Adventurer Clubs are among the best in the Conference.  Our arms are always wide open to receive new members.  See you soon when come.


We invite you to experience Waitara, where faith and fellowship meet!

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